The University of HordoN HEALTH - HordoN HEALTH Certification Program
University of
The University of HordoN HEALTH's dedication to educating committed students and student-athletes is represented in the UHH Tutorship Program. UHH Tutorship Program began as a reaction to athletes who did not meet our academic standards. Rather than sending these athletes away, we required enrollment in a Tutoring Program designed by our staff with assistance from Harvard educated professional teachers.
Now advanced to both High School subject matter and National Standardized Testing, the UHH Tutorship Program is one of the most innovative Tutoring Programs in the area and extends our efforts to prioritizing academia in Life and Sport.
For Tutorship Recipients
Exceptional high school and college students and student-athletes may be awarded a UHH Tutorship position in exchange for subsidized enrollment in either a Boston Sports Institutes Program or University of HordoN HEALTH Apprenticeship.
For Students Needing a Tutor
While designed for athletes not meeting the BSI Academic Requirements, UHH offers tutoring to any student desiring to boost their GPA or National Standardized Testing Scores. Academic excellence is a cornerstone of Elite Sport Performance.
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