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HordoN HEALTH Certification Program

The University of HordoN HEALTH Apprenticeship is the most advanced UHH program, only available for the most elite of candidates. The UHH education & associated certifications give the greatest advantage to those in the fields of Arthroscopic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Personal Training, Nutrition Management, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Psychiatry, Life Coaching and Psychology, as well as the specific field of Sport Performance and Athletic Lifestyle Management.

Scheduled individually, graduation requires over 1000 hours of observational education, academic study, and monitored application. Each Apprentice creates their own schedule for matriculation. Each Certification Series averages 13 months in length.
Matriculation from the UHH Apprenticeship provides the following Certifications :
*Those marked with an asterisk are advanced certifications.
  • Lifestyle Management Coaching Certification
Learn how to provide the tools needed to remove self-imposed obstacles blocking clients from peak performance. We teach each student how to observe dysfunction within specific intra- and interpersonal social systems and the creation and collective implementation of functional systems designed by the client's newly revealed most authentic self-design.
  • HordoN HEALTH Musculosystematic Engineering Certification
The University of HordoN HEALTH has gathered, from around the globe, a collection of the most successful and dynamic movement theories that exist. Research from such names as Burdenko, Davies, and Egoscue, and intricate study of multiple ancient techniques from the far east, have been funneled into a single movement design, Musculosystematics. Now, this system is being implemented in some of the highest levels of demand in the word such as in TKA rehabilitation, Gait Analysis Design and Intervention, and Professional Athlete Player development. 
  • Musculosystematic Pre-Engineering & Re-Engineering Certification 
Having the tools needed to re-architect human movement patterns gives any professional in the physical health industry the unique ability to re-educate the body on how to move without injury and with ultimate efficiency and success, no matter the perceived restrictions. Trickling down from the highest levels of International Sport Performance, your clients will use the same techniques used to keep the most elite athletes in the world on the field. This certification has particularly beneficial application for Physical Therapist Assistants, Personal Trainers, Sport Performance Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Exercise Science BAs, etc., who can use these advanced skills, beyond those they find in any American text book, to architect and manufacture sport and position-specific athletes as well as functionally conditioning the general public in less time and with more efficiency than the entire remaining industry.
  • *Advanced Musculosystematic Engineering: Incl. Pre & Re - Engineering*
Specialized for Doctors of Physical Therapy, this Musculosystematic Engineering Education adheres to the language of the medical professional, creating Physical Therapists with the ability to truly and permanently heal every client. This UHH education changes the entire outlook on the industry by inserting advanced, systematic technique in evaluation, design, and implementation of physical rehabilitation.

  • *Seminar Speaking: The Rhetoric of Sport Performance & Lifestyle Management*
With this advanced Certification you will learn the intricacies of rhetoric in the Sport Performance and Lifestyle Management Industries. The word usage and expressive characteristics needed for these industries is highly refined and takes the utmost care and education. At UHH, Marc Hordon, graduate of Harvard University and Rhetoric Specialist, will teach you the tools needed to excel at the highest level of Seminar Speaking.
  • *Nutrition Management Expert Certification*
Teaming up with Lifestyle Management Associates, the University of HordoN HEALTH provides a nutritional opportunity unlike any other with it's unique and permanent lifestyle approach. Using an educational process similar to that of a Sports Nutritionist, we teach the direct relationship between the type of exercise and nutritional intake, considering the needs of any client. With the full backing of a Sports Nutrition Consultant, graduates can write meal plans and consult as a Certified Nutrition Manager.
  • *Sport/Position Specific Musculosystematic Performance Training*
Highly Specializing in Musculosystematic Performance training for One Sport and/or Multiple Sports, this certification will put you at the top of the game in any sport. You will have the ability to create sport/position specific athletes from almost any human canvas.

  • *Sport/Position Specific Skill Development Certification*
As a Specialized Certification at the University of HordoN HEALTH, it is available for all sports covered by the Boston Sports Institutes and will provide you the ability to turn any athlete into an all-star with techniques taught at the highest professional levels. The Musculosystematic approach to skill development produces experts in exact specific athletic movement demands, unique to every sport, and every position within that sport. Our techniques are equally based on the understanding of movement pattern and in-sport experience. Our coaches have extensive experience in each sport offered, as well as the expertise in movement mechanics, which provides the client with an unparalleled edge on competition. {Sport Specific Performance Training Certification is a prerequisite}
  • *Nodroh Musculosystematic Massage Certification*
The Nodroh Massage Method has been proven to permanently remove pain sourced in joints, muscles, and nerves through a series of Neuromuscular Massage and Movement Patterning Techniques. Nodroh Massage is used on some of the most elite athletes in the world with success beyond any other rehabilitative or injury recovery method. This certification will allow you to continuously provide physical support that is regularly observed as a "miracle."

  • Life Coaching
In this holistic certification program you learn how to examine family of origin, adolescent systematic conditioning, and self-defense mechanisms with clients while maintaining a safe and loving environment, absent of judgement or projection. You, with your clients, will deconstruct self-defense mechanisms that restrain the pursuit of the authentic-self. 

  • Business, Sales, and Marketing in Alternative Healthcare

The alternative healthcare industry is booming and the alternative healthcare provider's perceived role as martyr is forever reversing. Those providing this essential healthcare to the public must learn the most fundamental techniques of how to efficiently and sustainably disperse the information amongst a rapidly changing business, sales, and marketing landscape. These techniques, learned from the successes of HordoN HEALTH and multiple adjoining institutions, provide the foundation for any successful business in Alternative Healthcare.
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