The University of HordoN HEALTH - HordoN HEALTH Certification Program
Welcome to the
University of 
Building Careers in Alternative Healthcare

The University of HordoN HEALTH is an academic institution dedicated to higher education for matriculating secondary and tertiary students pursuing a career in Lifestyle Management. 

We offer certifications in 
Musculosystematic Engineering  
Sport-Specific Musculosystematic Engineering
Advanced Musculosystematic Engineering (for DPT ONLY)  
 Nodroh Musculosystematic Massage  Business in Alternative Healthcare - Lifestyle Coaching
and other associated pre-determined and self-designed certifications...

The University of HordoN HEALTH's alternative education provides a unique understanding of the human body and surrounding conditions. Using an advanced comprehension of how the body is designed to move, how that movement is perceived by the brain, and how those constructs interact with each other, we teach our apprentices how to architect a client's lifestyle for authenticity and success in any enterprise, whether physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. 

Apprenticeship & Internship Programs
The University of HordoN HEALTH provides elite Alternative Healthcare educations and internships, including the study of business within the industry. Learn the industry from top to bottom with one of the most unique and informed alternative educations in the country.
Tutorship Program - for High School Student-Athletes
The UHH Tutorship works closely with the Boston Sports Institutes, providing tutoring for those needing a boost in Grade Point Average or National Standardized Tests. For elite students, the UHH Tutorship provides scholarship for our services and programs, in exchange 
for tutoring younger and less academically gifted student-athletes.
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